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Millennium Update - what we did in 2000
Max Cashback
Many thanks to everyone who turned out on New Year's Eve for the Extravaganza of Fireworks despite the weather. From the feedback I received, I believe everybody had a great time with many commenting that they had never seen such a crowd in Godmanchester before!

Two photographs taken by Andrew Gordon are available if you would like a permanent reminder of "our night on The Causeway", call 436 628 if you'd like a full colour copy as a memento for a modest fee.

Thanks go to your Town Council for raising the funds (via your good selves) to do it plus the Community Association's pyrotechnics team for all the work that went in to producing it. Below are pictured the "motley" crew in question. Thanks also go to team members Stephen Spencer and Peter Irving who couldn't make the photo shoot.

The Fireworks Team, left to right: Peter Heseltine, Alan Hooker, Byron Bramwell, Tony Hollington, and David Stokes.

A Host of Golden Daffodils
The other event that happened in the latter part of the last Millennium was the BULB PLANTING the benefits of which were seen brightening up the town in April of the new Millennium. Many thanks go to Mary Stokes who picked up the project as it was running out of steam and breathed new life into it! The Millennium provided the impetus and the Town Council allocated funding to purchase one tonne of bulbs. What a dauntingly huge heap they looked at the beginning of the planting weekend! The small number of volunteers and the two guys from Enviroserve worked with determination, planting for posterity for two days. It was completed eventually with some overspill to the following weekend. Again, we have had very good feedback on the results. As only half the budget was spent it has been suggested that the remainder be spent this September finishing off the project now that we know what we are doing! If any of you fancy a go this time round, please give Mary a ring ASAP on 454 277 so that we can gauge the interest.

THE MILLENNIUM STRUCTURE had three serious contenders for the project design award. The wining proposal was sent in by sculptor Christopher Gordon-Brown of Newnham. The Panel reviewing the project production decided against spending the funds set aside for the project on the winning sculpture for various reasons.

A PHOTOGRAPHIC RECORD; the project, will by the time you read this item, have taken place. The results will be put on show on GALA DAY in the Queen Elizabeth School. Many thanks go to Peter Irving, Mary Stokes and Patrick Hull for all the effort put in to organising the project. As Patrick says..."We Shot the Neighbours" People seem to delight in old photographs. They can only indulge this pleasure because fortunately someone long ago took the pictures and preserved them. In the years to come Godmanchester will be well represented, as this year, as a millennium project, at the instigation of Peter Irving and Mary Stokes a significant proportion of local households have been photographed. The same treatment has been applied to local shopkeepers, groups and organisations! This has been a huge exercise of organisation and planning by the project leaders and a great commitment of effort and persistence by the volunteers who took up the challenge to make appointments and take the pictures.

Ultimately the pictures will be lodged with the County Records Office for future researchers, but on Saturday 1st July - Gala Day- at the QE School we are staging and exhibition to give everyone an opportunity to see themselves and their neighbours as recorded for posterity.

We must express our thanks to all of the people who made it possible and our sponsors:
The Goodliffe Fund and Godmanchester Town Council for financial support
Cliffords Chemist for film processing
Besin UK Ltd for the exhibition materials
The final event of our activities (apart from bulb planting!) will be the "PICNIC IN THE PARK" FREE MUSIC EXTRAVAGANZA on Sunday 2 July which is detailed earlier in the magazine. I do hope you can all make it and create a true community gathering to follow on from our first Gala Day of the new century.
Alan Hooker.

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